Beauty Shots –John Cornu

John Cornu

I got beauty shot recently—but John and I met back in 2007.
I owe him my grasp on the importance of context, as well as my first gallery exhibition. When we crossed path in 2010 for a duo show, he also gave me his bubble level. To this day, it's still the level I use.


John Cornu
Beauty Shots

site-specific tattoo / symmetrical reproduction of beauty spots
model: Muriel Leray / production: Emmanuelle Mevel & John Cornu
view of the action carried out during « Douglas Gordon. The morning after »
and the European Night of Museums, Institut Giacometti, Paris, 2022

© John Cornu
© Douglas Gordon / Studio lost but found
© Fondation Alberto et Annette Giacometti + Adagp