Jour de la sirène –Isabelle Lartault

Isabelle Lartault

I'll be blunt: I believe Isabelle Lartault's work is one of the very best in contemporary French poetry—and I am incredibly difficult in that matter.
My own work was merely a few months old when she offered me to join her for Le Jour de la sirène.
You can be sure to hear me quote her at some point or another.


Jour de la sirène, 51ème
[Day of the siren, 51st]

On the first Wednesday of every month, emergency sirens are triggered across France as a maintenance test.
Le jour de la sirène is a series of exhibitions opening exclusively on those occasions.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008 at 8pm
Studio of Christophe Cuzin, 226 rue Saint-Charles, 75015 Paris, Fr

– Isabelle Lartault
des mesures et démesures, combination 7
– Muriel Leray
débords, bloc-poèmes

Lignes 2
[Lines 2]
2007 (Jour de la sirène, 2008)
wood frame, black cardboard, vinyl lettering
100 x 80 cm
Patrick Quérillacq and Zoé performing
des mesures et démesures
by Isabelle Lartault